Ru.De.Ri. – Rural Design per la Rigenerazione dei Territori (Rural Design for Territorial Regeneration) is a cultural and creative endeavour, composed by a various group of architects, artists, researchers and professionals who operate in different fields.

In 2014 we founded Ru.De.Ri. with the aim to promote best practices and intervene strategically to regenerate rural areas. In 2019 we will open the Rural Design Lab, a permanent laboratory to strenghten, create relationships on rural territories and add value to human and natural resources.

We are inspired by the principles of Rural Design, our goal is to widen the classic field of action of design and include the concept of landscape in its various meanings – aesthetical, productive and ecological – as a result of a co-evolution of environmental systems and human activities.

We believe that this vision needs to see under a new light the historical role of agriculture, which is founded, on a hand, on a new perception of territory, and on the other, on the systemic integration of agricultural and artisanal production chains in the Mediterranean.

We consider not only agricultural and artisanal activities, but also the network of ecosystem services offered by rural and mountain areas to urban contexts. We also consider the production of stories that convey the values of what we define rural city, that is, a systemic continuum surrounding natural enclaves, cultural landscapes and agricultural villages as an integral part of a habitat composed by ecosystems with complementary and different qualities.

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