Katrin Krupka & Caterina Plenzick (Germany) – Refused Matter

Category B – New naturally based materials
Refused Matter

In the area of Matese, the “wasted materials” coming from the local practices end up in the local waste plant in Acerra. The final ashes coming out from the waste plant have still to be managed, some of the ashes are transported hundreds of kilometers to north Italy, to be processed in other plants.

This REFUSED MATTER has still a lot of organic and inorganic load, such as proteins or organic minerals, perfectly reusable for the elaboration of new products and materials with many different applications. The aim of the project is the development of sustainable materials and products that avoid waste, using natural and new, bio-based raw man-made resources, as well as alternative, energy-saving production processes, to reduce environmental impact and create occasions for growth and valorization of human potential and cultural heritage.

They are investigating and testing the potential of agricultural and stockbreeding, processed and unprocessed waste as a replacement of pozzolanic and the calcium dioxide components in lime-based mortars. Based on the special qualities of the waste products, with a material based research, they explore methods of transforming waste ash into new composite materials and products in prototypical experiments and different processes.