Marta Bovio & Marco Manfra – Roots. The vegetal textile in the area of Matese

Category C - Projects or processes inspired by the principles of circular economy and systemic design.

The design concept sees the realization of a scalable and applicable systemic model throughout the Matese territory. This proposal provides for the construction of a new plant textile district in an ecological, sustainable and innovative key which, in addition to develop numerous by-products, it is able to recover specific “outputs” from the typical Matesine food chains promoting a new systemic culture and further strengthening the identity of the place. An identity dating back to the past: Terra del Matese is equivalent to the land of know-how, agriculture, transhumance, of spinning mills and cotton (Famous Cotonificio di Piedimonte Matese dating back to 1813 – today closed).

Today, systematically aiming and strengthening the already sustainable supply chains of hemp and nettle, for example by relating them with the food supply chains, means contributing to change that dominant paradigm, made mostly of linearity, in a systemic, circular and ecological paradigm.

Hemp and fibers made from nettle are among the most ecological fabrics in the world. Both supply chains make it possible to effectively recover numerous outputs in order to turn them into inputs for the creation of by-products in the agri-food, pharmaceutical and green building sectors (see attached tables).

Another point of innovation can be found in the dyeing phase in which the use of vegetable dyes is expected from agro-food “waste”. This operation therefore involves a relationship and a strong dialogue with the agricultural companies of the entire Matese territory.